Howler is a collaborative joke writing platform for amatuer and professional comedians to help them feel inspired and encourage them to write new material. Available as a responsive web app and an iPhone app, Howler has had over 60,000 jokes written since launch.

The idea of Howler emerged from Mike being frustrated that he didn’t have anyone creative to write with. The concept is a simple one; one user sets up a joke and the community finish the joke in a number of different ways by adding punchlines.

One setup can create hundreds of different variants of jokes, each with it’s unique URL for sharing. Jokes are then voted on by the community with the best jokes rising to the top. Users then compete in daily leaderboards to find out who’s the funniest.

Howler was developed in partnership with Martin Saunders and Lee Sherwood. Howler is currently focusing on growth and monitisation while seeking funding to grow the product.

A great place to start is by visiting Howler’s popular jokes page where you can sort the jokes based on submission date. Feeling funny? Join Howler and have some fun.