Profitability is a tool for businesses to project, estimate and manage their internal and external costs. Designed with teams in mind, you can quickly cost up projects and see how profitable you really are.

Profitability is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Eric Sullivan. Eric felt frustrated at the lack of control and financial insights while building his tech agency Foundation Labs, so he created Profitability for his own internal use.

After a few months of using the beta he quickly realised the potential to open his product out to a wider audience and approached us to partner with him on the project. Mike has a strict ‘say no to equity’ rule but due to their history of working together for the last few years and knowing how great his development team are, Mike joined Profitability.

The beta was well received with version 1 of the site currently in development after a design overhaul by Mike. If you would like to find out more on this project or gain access to the beta please email Eric to gain access.