AutoGear is a successful technology business based in Oslo, Norway. They provide a piece of technology that fits into your vehicle and tracks your milage for personal and work usage. In Norway there are laws preventing work vehicles being used for personal reasons and AutoGear helps businesses make sure this law is followed.

AutoGear approached Bossanova to provide them with some UX and UI Design for their triplog management software.

They already had a working product for many years and approached us for some fresh ideas and clean triplog UI design.

We took their old product, talked about any pain points the old product had and began to work with their team to create new wireframes explaining how we can tackle some of their issues. We had a set of requirements and got started, we even picked up a few Norwegian words!

The product was very detail orientated, there was lots of features that not only had to be on the web version but also translate to mobile too. Every step of the way we tried to reduce the amount of steps a user would need to make in order to use the product on a day to day basis.

We quickly developed a very clean design style that we replicated through hundreds of pages, each with their responsive state.

The final result is something we’re very proud of and have waiting over 18 months to show off, this page showcases some of our design work but due to NDA’s we are limited to what we can show but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a smart looking project.