Cheerity Responsive Design

Cheerity is a new startup based in New York and ran by a team of people who have worked with charities their whole lives. Cheerity is the missing link between viral charity content and the cause. In many cases people joined in with viral campaigns without knowing what the cause was, Cheerity solves this problem.

Cheerity approached Bossanova to design their product from the ground up, they had a basic beta but appreciated the value in good design. Due to the nature of the work and how much value it has for charities we jumped onboard.

Cheerity lets you create or join a Cheer. Cheers are causes defined by a hashtag that describes an action for you to join in with a video or photo (e.g #babyface, make a baby face for a childrens charity). You can then invite friends to join your cheer creating an impact chain all the way back to the original poster, revealing how viral trends start.

We designed the Cheer flow to be simple and functional. You add your content, select a cause, donate and share. The app is built around Facebook and seamlessly works on your wall, showing your post in all its glory, linking to the cause and easy for friends to discover Cheers and join in.

The app is currently in beta and already raised thousands for several small charities. The product has an excellent team behind it and we’re proud to monitor Cheeritys growth as they take bigger steps forward.