Crowdicity Web UI

Crowdicity is Idea management software for smart organisations, partners, customers or anyone whose experience can help your organisation do things better.

Crowdicity approached Bossanova to design a brand new version of their software including UI, UX and many responsive and admin layouts. As a growing business Crowdicity were working with larger corporations and needed to reflect their growth in their software.

Bossanova worked closely with Nick Wright and his development team to create a brand new fresh platform for people to add their ideas to. Nick knew the product inside out with very high standards, knowing exactly what he was looking for which we happily supplied.

We worked on several versions of their product before settling on a clean, font focused UI that looked mature and original. The pages were very complicated and required hundreds of designs as we worked through all the requirements, this page only shows around 5% of the items we designed.

There were several challenging UX problems to solve, each section of the site had their own unique set of features to get right. We built prototypes in InVision and gained feedback from their team and selective clients.

Many of the designs also had to be expanded based on how complicated the idea process was, e.g the timeline below could be three steps or it could be ten. We designed several versions and user-tested them until the right design was selected.

The final product is the result of months of experimentation, testing and creativity, one that we’re very proud of.