Hoorah UI & UX Design

Hoorah is a new startup from Singapore entrepreneur Elisa Ang. Hoorah is a platform that looks at the problems caused by feedback systems that don’t work within today’s modern and dynamic workplace. Hoorah makes staff recognition social, quick and fun.

All feedback is important. Good and bad. To encourage staff adoption, Hoorah uses anonymisation processes to ensure confidentiality is provided and every voice is heard.

Bossanova was approached to design Hoorahs brand, website and iPhone app. Creating UI & UX design for the product. Hoorah needed to stand out, be a fresh looking product for a modern workspace. We started working with Elisa’s ideas, research and early feedback to create a user journey that was elegant and simple to use.

Hoorah not only allows you to leave individuals and teams feedback but it also lets business owners examine their organization’s social graph and discover the various sub cultures and dynamics within their teams. We had these ideas at the heart of our design, making each section engaging and informative.

Organisations can be large and scary, Hoorah breaks down those barriers and invites users to join groups, engage in messaging and earn rewards.

The brand we designed for Hoorah was one that really stood out for Elisa as bright, fun and modern. The brand not only works as a stand alone logo but also as action buttons for positive and negative feedback.

We’re very excited to see where Elisa takes Horrah next and hope to expand on our UI & UX work.

I chanced upon Mike’s work on the net and was immediately drawn to his designs, the clean yet modern style resonated with me. Getting Mike to design my app was the best move I have done, lots of users complimented on the interface design and Mike has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. He is able to take a very high level idea, add in his flair and make it usable and practical. I’d highly recommend Mike to anyone any day.

Elisa Ang, Founder Hoorah