InCrowd Dashboard Design

InCrowd’s microresearch capabilities put you in control and enable you to cost-effectively gain deep and rapid feedback provided by targeted and prescreened Crowds of healthcare professionals.

InCrowd and Bossanova have been working together for several years, we were first approached to design a basic landing page and from there have gone on to designing entire systems with Tom Lancaster and his team.

We have designed mobile apps, web apps, responsive sites, brands and detailed style guides for InCrowd and we feel this is only just the beginning.

Over the years we have refined their design style to be clean and structured. Their various dashboard views contain lots of data and our challenge was to ensure all the data was visible and clear without looking overcomplicated.

We’ve been working closely with their UX team lead Mike Eng, refining the way the system functions and fine tuning how things like menus, tooltips and key screens are interacted with.

We have been heavily involved with their brand, styleguide and UI patterns. We have designed how buttons, forms, required fields all work for their development team to copy and get as pixel perfect as possible.

This selection of screens is around 5% of all the work we have done with InCrowd and very proud to show it off. This team are doing great things and can’t wait to see them grow.