Jobble is a startup from Boston, US that helps you find quality, trusted and on-demand workers for your events.

We first met the team at Jobble when working with our good pals Foundation Lab, they had been tasked with building the Jobble platform and needed some beautiful pixels to help them along the way, that’s where Bossanova got involved.

When Bossanova started working on the project we first had to learn the platform. Jobble is huge, it has many amazing features and quirks that some of their users never knew existed, so one of our tasks was to simplify the design and make sure everything wasn’t hidden away.

We designed more visual ways to show the job listings which included introducing images, we focused on the hierarchy of the data, so when you were looking at a job post you instantly knew how much you’d be paid, where the job was and what you’d be doing.

We really wanted a practical design, we didn’t want to over-design this platform. We just wanted people to use it without any confusion.

We designed hundreds of pages for their new platform for both the client and business side of Jobble.

We made sure each layout worked perfectly on mobile screens as a huge percentage of their audience would be out in the field while checking their jobs.

We ensured the search function was the first thing you see on all of the pages so users would never miss an opportunity to search for their next role.

Working with Boston based development team Foundation Lab was a dream, both Eric and Mike had clear visions of how they wanted this app to look and function.