Pilgrim User Interface for iOS

Pilgrim is a personalised check-in and ratings iPhone app that is tailored for you. The system will learn from your behaviour as you check into new places and supply ratings. Pilgrim will then recommend new places to you while visiting cities you’ve never been to before.

Pilgrim approached Bossanova to design their new user interface and work through user journeys to ensure the product wasn’t just another check-in app. We worked with founder Paul Gilligan and his team to create a clean UI with intuitive UX.

Contributing to Pilgrim was a key element we wanted to focus on, the system learns from your behaviour and to get the best from it we needed the platform to feel inviting and personal. You will only see reviews from your friends which builds trust with the places Pilgrim suggest you visit.

All of the content within Pilgrim is generated by you, your friends or Pilgrims locations team, it’s not some computer algorithm it’s real hands-on content. We reflect this in the UI design by making your images the focus point on all of the recommendations and check-ins.

There isn’t such a thing as a final product when you work within the fast moving tech community, but the current release of Pilgrim (Which Bossanova helped name by the way!) is one Paul and his team can be proud of, just like we are for being involved.

Bossanova deploy their experience from working with digital products to really understand the problems, concepts and goals in any new project. They don’t start by listening to what the client wants and then blindly delivering it, but instead they seek to understand what client wants to achieve and then work with them to innovate solutions that the client will rarely have thought of themselves.

Paul Gilligan, Founder Pilgrim