Q Content are a UK based technology business in the creative content industry. Q produce quality written and visual content for ecommerce businesses to use on their websites and social media, driving brands and sales.

The Q platform had already been live for a number of years but was showing it’s age. Bossanova have a keen interest in the content creation space and were excited to get involved.

Q knew their platform inside out. They knew what worked and what needed some UX TLC, they had done extensive research with their regular users and had a list of challenges for us.

We love a challenge.

Our first focus was to simplify the design. We wanted to make the layout easier to understand by having clearly defined headers and sections. We achieved this by creating a style guide that would influence the rest of the design decisions.

We then unpicked the old version, decided what worked well and what needed extra attention and set to work. The brief was always to always keep the page fresh and clean, even on the pages with lots of information.

We knew accessibly was important to their audience so we made sure the designs worked on desktop, tablet and mobile.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike on our platform, for which he created clean, super-effective UI prototypes. He immediately ‘got’ the key requirements of our users, and has a thorough understanding of how to work with software developers, so was able to create something fine-tuned for the user, but also feasible to implement. He works quickly and collaboratively, enabling you to take part in the design process and make the most of each party’s expertise.

Lucy – Product Manager, Q Content