Rant & Rave Dashboard UI Design

Rant & Rave provide customer engagement solutions for brands.  Created with the belief that fundamentally brands and consumers want the same – R&R use real-time feedback helping transform Ranters into Ravers and ultimately life-long happy customers.

Rant & Rave approached Bossanova Design to experiment and design several of their product dashboards. We worked closely with Hardeep and his team at R&R exploring their data and all the metrics they needed the dashboard to represent.

We designed multiple versions of their dashboard UI for user testing, refining each time with the goal of arriving at the perfect dashboard. We created UI patterns and styles for all the elements ensuring they looked great together.

Colour was a huge part of the process, we knew green indicated good feedback and red indicated poor feedback, ensuring they all worked together was key in making the dashboard work.

Part of our process was storyboarding and wireframing, always a quicker way to gain feedback without spending days on unnecessary designs. We created several wireframes and linked them all together in InVision so the R&R team could review and test.