Yellowbox UI Design

Yellowbox CEO Neil Mylet is as hardworking as they come, he not only runs his family farm in Indiana but also creates innovative technology to make agricultural processes easier and safer. Neil approached Bossanova to design UI & UX for one of his projects, Yellowbox.

YellowBox is a piece of equipment that monitors, records and sends intelligent data to an app so workers and industry leaders are safer and working more efficiently. The reason YellowBox makes agricultural processes so much safer is because it allows workers to monitor hardware from a safe distance. If users were going to be controlling processes on site using a mobile device, it had to be very easy to use with as few steps as possible.

A variety of sensors mean that the YellowBox technology produces a huge amount of data, including health, weather, machinery and devices. The design had to combine dashboard metrics with real-time automation of their devices. Third party products also represented a big part of their business strategy, so we had to find a way to seamlessly integrate with other devices and platforms.

The UI design takes inspiration from the wonderful photography Neil would send, picking out the yellows and greens that are abundant in his pictures. We focused our designs on highlighting the important metrics, strimming back where possible and keeping the UI flat, clean and most importantly user friendly.